Tap Master Mondrian

Tap Master: Mondrian

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Can you follow the rule?Tap Master: Mondrian is a simple game inspired by Piet Mondrian’s minimalist art style, where your goal is to tap only the pieces that match the color and/or shape dictated by the rule.
Sounds easy, right? Then try it, you will be surprised as you reach higher levels and feel challenged!Tap Master: Mondrian, following the minimalist style, was designed to be simple, yet in a fun way to overcome challenges and spend time wherever you are!

How to play:
You have to follow the rule stated on the top of the screen.
As pieces fall down the screen, tap only the pieces that match the rule, examples include: “red”, “circle”, “blue square”.
If you tap a wrong piece or fail to tap a piece that matches the rule it’s game over!
There are also power ups that show at random and might help you achieve a better score:
– Double points
– Slow time
– Extra Life
– Master (for a few seconds all pieces match the current rule)
– Invert Direction (pieces now go up the screen)

Have fun!

Gameplay Video

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Words from reviewers:
“It’s hard to find anything wrong with Tap Master: Mondrian.”

“Fast, nerve-wracking and fun. And horrifically addictive.”

“Tap Master: Mondrian is simplicity at its best” -windowsgamers.com