Sheep Dreams Are Made of This

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In Sheep Dreams Are Made of This you control a man stuck inside the same nightmare for 17 years, where he takes the form of a sheep that can do nothing but run, jump and collect fragments of his long forgotten memories.



The more fragments you collect, more you will learn about this man’s past as he reflects on his life and the things he has done.
The memory fragments are divided between four colors: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Each color is linked to a door that will only open when you collect all 100 fragments of that color. The doors hold the deepest and most profound memories and only when you unlock all 4 you will find out what is causing these nightmares.



Store Description:

Can you help him get out of the nightmare before he wakes up? You have 8 hours, after that the nightmare will start all over again!

Collect every memory fragment to unlock the doors to long forgotten memories and learn about what might be causing the nightmares.

Sheep Dreams Are Made of This is a looping platformer focused on telling a deep mature story themed around recurring nightmares and traumas of the past.

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