2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Alex Konczal

    Hey so I absolutely love your “sheep dreams are made of these” game. Actually I love it another to search for your email to point out something (glitch maybe?) But when jumping on the moving platforms, the characters seems to think that he is still jumping while the platform is moving down. For instance I jump onto platform as the platform begins it’s descent. Character believes it is still jumping so it kind of scoots its way across the platform and the ability to him is taken away. This happens a couple times as well on the small platforms in the yellow level.
    But anyways I love the game and after playing it for I don’t even know how many hours these are the only things I found to be a problem. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello Alex,
      I’m glad you liked the game =)
      Sorry about the issue with the platforms, I was experimenting using physics for platforming when I made this game, so it did not turn out as well as it should. If you time your jump to the exact moment the character hits the platform he will jump. I’m aware this is not an excuse, I should have fixed this long ago, the only reason I did not is I’m working on an improved version with more content and a better platforming engine ^^

      Thank for reaching out!

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