Yokai Mask

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Yokai Mask was made in 48 hours for Cyprus Game Day II Game Jam. It finished in 2nd place. The theme was Japan. Another requisites included using Microsoft Azure platform, Unity3D and some kind of multiplayer or leaderboards.

The game was inspired by Japanese folkloric masks commonly used in dances and theater.


In Yokai Mask you play as a little girl named Oboni who has to avoid and trick the Yokai that are trying to extinguish her lantern by using masks that make her look like them. We wanted was to create a game without combat, so instead of killing your enemies you must avoid them or drive them away, making it more of a puzzle platform than action.

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Oboni carries a small lantern, your goal is to arrive at the end of the level before you fire is extinguished. Every time a ghost hits you it depletes the fire, but you find some stone lanterns on the way that help replenish it.

This is version submitted for the game jam, since we were very happy with the result we intend to polish the game a bit more, do a better level design and make it a bit longer =)