Do Androids dream of electric sheep?

Sheep Dreams is now available on Android!


Sheep Dreams Are Made of This” is themed around recurring nightmares, both in concept and gameplay style.
You control a man that is having the same nightmare for 17 years, where the only things he can do are run, jump and collect fragments of his long forgotten memories.
The player has 8 hours (real world time, counts even when the game is closed) to collect all the memory fragments and find out the cause of the recurring nightmares before the character wakes up.
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Improving some of the textures

We have been working on Sheep Dreams to make it better, the latest changes are very significant and include upgrading the platform textures.

Here’s how it used to look like:


And here is how it looks now:


There is a lot more detail to the textures, and how they match the style of the character. The tiled floor also helps with the perspective, the platform is all 3D so it looks cool when you jump.

The wall pieces behind the platforms have also been replaced to match the style, now they blend very well with the enviroment. The new door has more detail as well, and a small footstep =)