Learning to Draw #4


I’m here with a new post, this time I decided to try something organic, so I did a Tree and a Mushroom! On the previous entries I did a wooden crate, an explosive barrel and a red curtain and lastly a sword and shield.

For the tree, I decided to make it somewhat minimalistic, so I made the crown out of round shapes.


After making the circle like shapes I had to add a few semi circles in some places to make the crown look like one big round thing.

Now for the coloring I wanted to try something that resembles water coloring. Using the transparent brush, I applied the same technique I used on the explosive barrel, overlaying the same color multiple times to get a lighting effect. Ended up working better than I expected!


And for the trunk I tried the same technique, but it was a little harder to make it work. I still really liked the result though. Even the white spaces near the edges, which at first I was going to get rid off, make it look cool, I don’t know, I like the style. =)


Now for the Mushroom! I tried something different for the shadows here,  in addition to the transparent overlay, I used a thin pencil-like brush in the places where the shadows should be darker. This one was really fun to do! Also, making it viewed from below was interesting, and really helpful to practice more with shadows and perspective!


Now as  a bonus I wanted to show another drawing, that I made last year for my game Sheep Dreams Are Made of This. It’s very basic, but it was one of my first tries, and it was also something that I used in the game (for a while). The game has a weird hand drawn style and a somewhat dirty trace, so it wasn’t that hard to make something that would be acceptable. What I needed was a set of static doors, for when the character exists the level. I looked at some pictures to get the idea of how to make the perspective work.

Sketches - 3

This is how they looked in the end, very simple of course.

And this is what they looked like in the game:


Of course later on the real artist made some good looking doors (and platforms), and the game now looks a lot better! If you want to check it out I would really appreciate it, it’s free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone =)


That’s it for this week! Next time I’ll make a Hand Axe and a Bomb! I’ll also share some more elements I made for Sheep Dreams, probably UI stuff, that are still in the game today.




Tools used:

iPad Mini (1st gen)

Paper (universal app on iOS)