Surto Festival

A few weeks ago we were invited to participate in a print art festival called Surto, that features a small games section.

It was an amazing experience, we met some talented gamedev folks and had a lot of fun playing and watching people play our games. The sense of comradely among the devs is heartwarming =)

We took the opportunity to test the PC version of Sheep Dreams Are Made of This. We plan on adding a lot of new stuff to the game. Also the mobile version of Tap Master Mondrian.


We also made some prints of the new game we’re working on, a Choose Your Own Adventure set in a dark modern setting =)


More information about our new game, and the PC version of Sheep Dreams coming soon!




We were at Gamercom with Insignia Games to unveil Lunata Adventure, another game on the Lunata Franchise coming to PS Vita and PC!


It’s a platformer/schmup mix, something along the lines of the recent Rayman games!

We also showed a new app called Lunata Playground, made for kids, with a ton of activities and minigames! Lunata Rescue was also playable there!playground

Here are some pictures of the event!

Cloud was also there on a side quest!