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You have been part of something terrible, something so unspeakable that made you blackout and forget all the events from the past few days. Now you are faced with the choice of going after the truth, facing the shadows that hide within our world, or trying to forget and leave all this behind. 

Maybe it’s not too late to turn back.





Blackout is a dark themed Choose your own adventure game, influenced by White Wolf’s World of Darkness, H.P. Lovecraft and weird shows like Twin Peaks.

This is a preview version of the game, containing the first chapter (from a total of 10), and the idea of releasing this is to get some feedback and support while we finish the rest of the game, and also most of all to help spreading the word. So if you like this and are interested, please tell someone about it, tweet, post somewhere, we really appreciate it!

Blackout is a game about choices, the story will change a lot based on what you choose, there is no illusion of choice, I encourage you to play it a second time to see how much it changes. Items you pick up might change your choices, as well as your 3 attributes: Courage, Sanity and Fitness.


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