Pixel Miner

This game was made in under 72 hours for HeartGameJam. The theme of the game jam was scarcity.


"The revolution" they called it.
"Everything will be better" they said.
Now we don't even have our own pixels anymore

The player starts the game with only 1/4 of the screen available, and has to mine RGB in order to obtain pixels. His mine only provides B, so he has to trade for R and G with local merchants and then take them to the Pixel Machine to be converted. For every 1024 pixels que converts, he unlocks a new tile on the screen.


The will be able to walk on the places where the tiles were removed, and also interact with characters and elements. As the player opens new screen space, he will find new ways to earn (and lose) RGB through several mini games.


Pixel Miner is available on itch.io for Windows, MacOS and Linux