Blackout now available for Kindle!


I’m glad to announce that we just launched a version of Blackout: The Darkest Night for kindle devices!

The kindle version features the complete story of the game, only missing some mechanics exclusive the game and all the nice looking graphics and animations, of course.

So if you can’t wait for the game you can go ahead and get the story on kindle now! We hope to have more news on the game launch soon!





Adding “cutscenes” for some images. Still WIP.

I first used this effect on the teaser trailer, but I liked the effect so much that I decided to add it to the game as well, it brings a nice dramatic effect and also invokes the comic book style =)


Art by the amazing Damsa

The effect is quite easy to achieve, it’s just four separate cameras with render textures.


Sheep Dreams updated on windows phone

Today  the windows phone version of Sheep Dreams is getting a big update with a lot of new features that people have been asking for as well as a graphics overhaul! The game has been downloaded more than 25k times and the feedback around the world has been really great, thank you all for the support!

Here is a list of all the changes and some screenshots

– Updated  a lot of textures and added new ones
– Added Music and Sound Effects
– Added new background
– Added “snooze” mechanic to extend dream duration
– Added “sleeping pills” mechanic to extend dream duration indefinitely
– Added a few story bits after you clear a world/color
– New Icon
– Support for Large Tile

Thank you!