Learning to Draw #3


Learning to draw #3


This is the third post on the series where I, as a programmer, share my experience of trying to learn the basics of drawing. On the first post I made a 2d wooden crate, and was pretty happy with the result!

On the second post, I made an explosive barrel that turned out ok and also tried to make a curtain that did not work at all.

This week I’m doing 2 things someone suggested on a comment: a Sword and a Shield!

I wanted to do something that looked like those templar shields. Overall I was happy about how it turned out, but some things still bother me:

  • The edges. I could not get the shape right with one stroke, so I had to zoom in and fix with a smaller brush. If you look closely you will see what I’m talking about.
  • I tried to use shadows to give the impression that the shield is slightly round, but it was hard to make them continuous because I’m using a transparent brush for this, and it has to be the same color as the background, so I used red for the red parts and gray for the white. Also it’s hard to be very precise when drawing with your finger.
  • I tried to make some marks to make it look like it’s seen some battle, but I think they could be better. Basically how I did those was zoon in, trace a white line and use a gray thin brush to scratch around it. Sometimes a little bit of light brown to look a little rusty. I also tried to make a few blood splashs, but they are too small, since the shield is already red I could only make them on the white areas.


Now, the Sword! It took me a while to get the shape right, specially for the grip and the pommel. This is the main brush I use to make the outline of the drawings, I like it a lot because it makes thick lines but it’s not always the same width.


Now for the coloring! I used a blue-ish color for the blade because it looks better than plain gray. Maybe I should have added some kind of shadow as well.

The guard has shadows, the ones inside the circles look ok, but the one in the center looks kinda weird, maybe because it’s a straight line?

The grip is the part I am happy about, I think it turned out really nice, even  the shadows worked well!


Once again, if you look closely on the edges you’ll see the same problem I had with the shield. Someone on /r/gamedev pointed this on my previous drawings and suggested this website called Draw a Box, where they have some really neat tutorials on the basics of drawing. I have started looking into them and it’s really interesting, right at the beginning they talk about how important is the way you should move your arm (and not only your wrist), it’s fascinating, I really recommend you check it out if you want to learn how to draw.

For the next week  I’m changing up a bit and I’m drawing organic things! A Mushroom and a Tree, probably =)

If you have any requests or suggestions please leave a comment, every post I get some cool tips from artists and suggestions of tutorials and tools, and also from programmers that either are learning or already have learned how to draw.

There was this programmer who learned digital painting for 1 year and made this game, it looks really awesome and is a great incentive!

See you next time!




Tools used:

iPad Mini (1st gen)

Paper (universal app on iOS)



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