Happy Birthday to our first game!

Tap Master Mondrian is 2 years old! \o/

What was your best score? We gathered the best form each platform!


On Android Google Play Games, the best score is 146!

android 146

On iOS Game Center we go a little higher, the best is 157!

ios rank

But the real winner is on Windows Phone, with an amazing score of 179!

Windows Phone does not have a leaderboard service, so we rely on users sending us screenshots.

windows phone score

This is the top 4:

1. Pamela Vieira (179)
2. Felipe Docil (140)
3. Mario Neto (131)
4. Fabrício Vello (122)

If you think you can do better, go ahead and try, send us your score! =D

Tap Master Mondrian is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and it’s free!

The cake on the feature image is from this video, that also teaches how to make it!

Thank you for everyone that has downloaded the game and shared with their friends =)


MiniChimera Team


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