Learning to Draw #2


This is the second post on the series where I, as a programmer, share my experience of trying to learn the basics of drawing. On the first post I made a 2d wooden crate, and was pretty happy with the result!

This week I have 2 drawings, for the first one I’m continuing the theme of “Common objects you find in most video games”, it’s red and it explodes when you shoot it. Yep, an explosive barrel!


This one was kinda tricky because even though it’s a 2d drawing the object is round, so to give that effect I made it round on the top end on the bottom and then tried to apply some shadows.

To make the shadow effect I just used a brush that has transparency (with the same color of the background color), and used more brushstrokes on the parts that were supposed to be darker. Later on I used a watercolor brush to give the barrel some stains, and also some gray and brown details to make it look old and rusty. It’s far from perfect but I think it turned out ok =)

Now for the second drawing I tried something different and more challenging.

I wanted to try something else using shadows, so I decided to draw a red curtain, one of those fancy heavy ones you either find in a century old mansion or on a David Lynch movie.



Now the shadows here are pretty tricky and took me a lot of trial and error to make it even resemble a curtain. Turns out fabric is really hard to represent.

The transparent brush I used in the barrel did not work well here so I tried something different, initially I used a darker tone of red to draw the hard shadows, but it soon became apparent that I would need more than that, I needed more than one intensity of shadow.


This is the finished curtain, I tried alternating between thick and thin lines for the shadows, and later on I added some watercolor effects on the edges and other places that should be darker.  I wasn’t very happy with this one, maybe I should try it again when I have more experience.

That’s it for this post, hope you guys liked it, I got a ton of great feedback last time, specially from some professional artist and from some other programmers that also learned how to draw. It will take some time for their feedback to start showing on my drawings since I had a few os these queued up.

I will try to take more screenshots while I draw since I think it might be interesting to see how the drawing itself progresses before it is finished.

As always, if you have any suggestions let me know, really appreciate all the feedback!

Next time I’ll do a Sword and a Shield =D

Tools used:

iPad Mini (1st gen)

Paper (universal app on iOS)


Robson A. Siebel

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