How we created our logo!


We decided to make a small post talking about how we created the logo (and  the name) for our company.


Alberto, our artist, was the one that came up with the idea of the “Chimera”, after we had a discussion about what was our vision for the company. Our goal was to make little experiments, games that are different from what you usually see. And not  only that, but we wanted every game to be very unique on it’s own, not a copy or sequel from the previous game. And that’s why we chose the “Chimera”, a fusion of different beasts that gives birth to a powerful magical creature.

Photo Post

So that takes care of the Chimera part, but why “Mini”? Well,  first of all, we had to be humble, we are just a two person team, so using the image of a big monster seemed a little off, like we are trying to compensate or something. And besides that, our focus is also on mobile, all our games fit on a small  device that you carry around in your pocket, so that seemed appropriate.

Of course the logo will change and improve over time, it is not (and should not) something set in stone. We even did an alternate creepy version for our second game.

Logo - Dark

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